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Tweeted on 2009-03-09

  • Argh, periodontist appointment (rescheduled TWICE because of work conflicts) now conflicts with an entire afternoon of meetings. *SIGH* #
  • ...and I'm triple-booked too. Seriously, why do I bother getting out of bed? #
  • @csitko Seems about right to me. #
  • @bethdean Looks like you have to pre-pay in order to bid: Smells bad to me. #
  • @bethdean You should go see Bomber and tell me if my photo's actually made the final cut or not. :-) #
  • @ttrygve Philistine. #
  • @evil_fizz @ttrygve 1000 lashes with Giannetti's intro film class book for both of you. in reply to evil_fizz #
  • @Aquamindy Remember, 5 pounds = extra nice bottle of wine. :-) #

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