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Tweeted on 2009-03-08

  • Just when I was mostly recovered from all the jet lag, along comes daylight savings time. Argh. #
  • Seriously, how are we supposed to have economic recovery if nothing at the mall opens before noon? #
  • iPhoto 09 thinks some of my wife's iPhone photos from inside our house are from western China, neat Kazahkstan and Uzbekistan. Charming. #
  • s/neat/near/ #
  • Oh boy, only 288 minutes until iPhoto is done with its initial Faces scan! #
  • And now it's back up to 299 minutes to go... I think it's time to go do something else for a while. #
  • 418 minutes remaining (and climbing)... I guess 8 gigabytes of memory and 2 dual-core CPUs just isn't enough? #
  • @ColePaulson Howdy! Welcome to the great Twitter time-suck. The koolaid tastes great! #
  • Have just sunk a lot more time than expected into playing with iPhoto's new Faces stuff. False positives are funny but annoying. #

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