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Tweeted on 2009-03-07

  • Apparently Delta's perfectly willing to charge us the change fee for the ticketing change that they were unwilling to actually do. Nice. #
  • Trailer for Bomber, which is using one of my vacation photos for a brief establishing shot: #
  • @mw44118 I've never understood the appeal of Spongebob at all. So I guess at least you're not the only one. in reply to mw44118 #
  • Naps are never long enough. #
  • Nothing like an inconsolable meltdown to make you feel unmoved by your toddler. #
  • Unloved, not unmoved. #
  • Leftover red curry chicken ftw! #
  • @mhebrank oh boy, can't wait!! :-P in reply to mhebrank #
  • Kiddo is dancing in the bathtub, beatboxing enthusiastically. #
  • Geotagging photos so that they can more quickly join the months-deep backlog of things I haven't uploaded to Flickr yet. #
  • @mhebrank Dude, WhiskyFest is at the same hotel as PyCon (alas, it's during the sprints, which I don't get to stay for). #
  • Have beaten my 1000+ deep Reader backlog down to just 116 items... Phew! #

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