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Tweeted on 2009-02-12

  • Totally, totally late to the Portal party, but enjoying it all the same. #
  • @evilmonk The 2 Appleseed CGI movies make me happy; much closer to the original comics than the bad old OVA. #
  • Woohoo, I'll be going to Pycon! #
  • @evilmonk Yep! "Appleseed: Ex Machina"--even prettier animation, and full of John Woo (and awesome John Woo cliches). +1 #
  • @mw44118 Going, should be there by 6ish. #
  • BlackBerry Pearl = most painful web browsing experience of my life (and that's just trying to key in a single URL). #
  • Starting to think Jon Stewart was right when doing the "who's got 2 thumbs and can't vet fot sh*t" joke about Obama... #

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