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Tweeted on 2009-02-03

  • I wish the kiddo had been louder/more upset about puking in her bed last night so that she wouldn't have slept in the stuff. :-( Yuck! #
  • @mw44118 Oh jeez, I read "pprint" as "ppoint" and was reeling at the idea of using Powerpoint as a testing tool. Barf! #
  • I submitted a new ebuild to Gentoo in on 8/28/2005 that was just now accepted. I'm glad I wasn't holding my breath on that one! #
  • Dear Outlook: when my manager sends me a meeting invitation, it would be really super if you would actually deliver it to me. :-P #
  • Hand-in-hand with my Outlook gripe is that the 1:10 PM text about said meeting ("hey where are you") was delivered at 4:15 PM. AT&T=FAIL. #
  • Following up violently sick kiddo with violently sick wife. Oh boy!! #

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