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Tweeted on 2009-01-28

  • Dear Wednesday... What's up? Why are you playin' it like it's Monday? #
  • Is 8:09 am too early to start drinking? #
  • Cats are fighting over who gets to sit by the heater vent behind the networking gear and printer. #
  • Based on how little is peeking out through the snow, I don't think my recycling is going to be taken away today...maybe not til spring. #
  • @ttrygve In theory we should all be avoiding HFCS anyway. It's not good stuff. #
  • How did I not notice that my speakers have a headphone breakout? Can now listen to music during naptime without waking kid! #
  • Trying to contain my intense hatred of IE long enough to fix some misbehaving Javascript... So it's a battle on two fronts. #
  • Too-seriously considering cooking up a Bacon Explosion: #

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