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Tweeted on 2009-01-09

  • Need to find beer? to the rescue! Best Google Maps mashup EVER. :-) #
  • Too clever by far--the white balance lens cap: #
  • @mcrute Won't help if you're too far away from an outlet to plug it in. There was a lack of tables and power strips at PyCon last year. in reply to mcrute #
  • Finally admitting to myself that it's time to take down the Xmas lights in the office. *sigh* #
  • And @dstanek fails at verb conjugation. ;-) #
  • Congratulations @Aquamindy for passing your last exam for the diploma!!!! W00000000t!!!!!!!!!!!1!!! *SO* proud of you!!! Exam scores FTW! #
  • God bless you, Evil Scarecrow. #

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