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Tweeted on 2008-10-17

Since last time...

  • Catbus for sale on Craigslist: #
  • New Yorker vs. XKCD cartoon-off + interview: #
  • You just can't make this stuff up: #
  • You wouldn't think it, but I absolutely *live* for last-minute changes. And I *never* use sarcasm either. #
  • Our internal DNS seems to have a poisoned entry for #
  • When I said I like last-minute changes, I really wasn't expecting to have *more* of them come down the pike. My delight knows no bounds! #
  • Could we maybe spend a couple fewer hours in Iraq and spend the money here instead? #
  • Ministry makes everything better when you're the last one still at work. (Thank you, iPod.) #

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